Super Smash Bros 4 – Leaked SSB4 Characters Information

Super Smash Bros 4 – Leaked SSB4 Characters Information There is some more unexpected ones coming soon. (Or not since it shows Namco is developing the game now) (Brand New Info of July & Deleted old Info) I don’t remember the Description saying anything about “Professional” nor the Video saying “Professional” unless pointed out which seems like it doesn’t have. The first two Sketches (Slime & Ridley) were worked on roughly which you can tell by the ‘First’ to ‘Second’ & to ‘Third’ which have alerted people those were the best than the rest because the rest (Waddle Dee, Toad, Paper Mario, Geno & Waluigi) were only a mix of the ‘First’ & ‘Second’. Settling out the comments with this issue. (Description provided by CommunityGame) Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS information has been leaked! Super Smash Bros. official information has been revealed on the internet with a few images & pictures along with a smash bros script. Like and ‘Favorite this to spread the word! Video is about: new Super Smash Bros 4 SSB Wii U leaked information trailer

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